Reade offers drum tracks recorded at his Los Angeles studio and delivered to you anywhere in the world. Reade uses world-class recording gear and achieves incredible drum sounds for a fraction of the cost of traditional studio time. Email for more information.

DAW: Pro Tools 10/12, Logic Pro

Conversion: Lynx Aurora 16-VT

Preamps: Neve 1073 DPA, Neve 1073lb (x2), BAE 1073 (x2), Great River MP-500 NV (x2), API 3124 (x2), UA 6176

Compression: UA 6176

Microphones: Mojave Audio MA-200 (x2), Mojave Audio MA-201 (x2), AKG 451 (x2), Sennheiser 421 (x3), Shure Beta 52, AKG d112, custom Yamaha subkick, Shure SM57 (x4)


Krish Sharma
Dan Wilson
Gabriel Mann
Bear McCreary
Brian H. Kim
Adrianne Gonzalez
Garrison Starr
Sean McCarthy
Linus of Hollywood
Chris Lee
Adam Blau
Secret Friend
Brandy Loves Alexander
Lyn Saga
Evan Brass
Punch Punch Kick
Liz Wood
Dave May
A House For Lions
Devin Christine
The Castell Brothers
Michael Colton
Jeremy Silver
Jeremy Castillo
The Christopher Brothers
Blake English
Willis Clow
Katie Boeck
Relax to Paris
One Two
Kaile Goh
Jesse Macht
Scott Mellis
Sonja Midthun
Inch Chua